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Help On Searching

Using LISA, it is so easy to find a library material such as books, periodical articles or audio visual materials. All you have to do is simply remember any word, phrase, or number that best describe the material.

For example, you need to find any material about living a healthy life. What you have to do is is think of a word that best describe possible materials categorized in the subject you are looking for (which is, living a healthy life). The natural thing to do is to think first in general terms so you can have the widest possible range of results. In our example, the most general terms could be (life, or living). Let us call these terms as our keywords. So you can type or enter either or both keyword (life living) to the search box and click the GO icon. If in case you intend to search for both keywords, you should always remember to separate the two keywords with a space.

LISA will then produce a result base on the keywords that you have entered. However, LISA will produce all possible materials that contain the words (life, or living) or those materials classified under the category of (life, or living). Naturally, you might get results such as: (The Art of Living, Animals in our Lives, The Life Of Jose Rizal and the list will go on). And most of the results are irrelevant to what you are trying to look for (which is living a healthy life).

The next thing that you have to do is to further filter out the materials that you don't need. So you have to think of a sub-keyword that would under the category of the subject that you are looking for. In our example, you might want to choose the word health to further specify precisely your criteria. Then, type in the previous keywords (life living) followed by your sub-keyword (health). Again, separated by a space. Thus you will be entering in the search box something like this (life living health).

LISA will narrow down and once again produce a result based on (life living health). The results are now the nearest match to your criteria.

Other Forms of the Word

Do take note that you typed in the keyword health instead of healthy in the previous example. LISA has a simple intelligence to determine the root of the word and find out the other forms of it. For example, you are trying to search for a material that contains the word dry, LISA will produce results with materials containing the word drying, dried, or dries.


Lisa ignores wether you typed in in all caps or small caps. So typing health, Health, or HEALTH will produce the same results.

Library or ITC Specific Search

Lisa contains both the materials from the library and the ITC. To limit your search to library materials only, add the keyword _book_. Add the keyword _av_ to limit your search to ITC materials only.

Guide To Icons/Symbols

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